Friday, January 9

Premier Post

Well... kind of obviously, this is my first post. So, let's start with the Introductions.

Hello, my name is Katie. Let's take a seat and learn about each other....
Wait, no. That sounds like something my teachers would say.

Hey! Katie here. Comment allez vous?
For those of you who do not speak French, that means 'How are you?'. Formally of course. Considering I don't know you. Then again, maybe I do. My friends are likely going to stalk my blog.
(Hi Ashley! Hi Ella! And MRR! And....anyone else I might know. Oh wait...Ella's already stalking my blog)

Ok, anyways...
The inspiration for the name of this blog was... kind of obvious if you know anything about the U.S. Military at all. All of us 'kids' (teens included) are nicknamed 'Military Brats'. We don't mind. It's a loving nickname.
I think. Who knows? Maybe our parents are manipulating us so that they can yell at us, but not have us feel like they are yelling at us. It works for me. I cuss my brother out in Japanese. Hey, don't look at me like that. It's kinda fun.....
... and he's a brat.
Then again, that's fairly typical for 5th grade boys. He and his friends enjoy Airsoft wars (*rolls eyes*), which mainly includes shooting each other with wanna-be B.b. guns. It hurts. I've gotten hit befire....before.

So....ummm.. more info coming next time!
That is, unless someone pisses me off at schooll(Jackson). Then I'll probably pound my keyboard about that. Au revoir, mes amis!